Laurie Betts, MD

Laurie Betts, MD, is a Board Certified Internist who received her BA from Dartmouth College and her MD from SUNY Stony Brook School of Medicine. She completed her Internal Medicine training at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital and Abington Memorial Hospital. She was an Associate Professor of Internal Medicine at New Britain General Hospital (CT), and worked for the largest private medical practice in New England. She is also a professional speaker on women's health issues. Before joining the Pottstown Area Health & Wellness Foundation, she was the Coordinator for Spring-Ford Area School District's Health & Wellness Program. At the Pottstown Area Health & Wellness Foundation, Dr. Betts is the Program Officer for Physical & Preventive Behavioral Health. As a working single mother of three teenage children, she writes a weekly blog on seeking life balance.

February 27, 2015
Hospital Usage and High Utilization
 How often do you visit the Emergency Department or need to be admitted to the hospital? For most of us, probably not too much, if ever. However, the PA Health Care Cost Containment Council just released a report on “PA’s “super-Uti…
February 16, 2015
Heart Health
 So are you out shoveling snow in the cold? Do you know when you are most likely to have a heart attack? Do you know what puts you at risk for having a heart attack or dying of coronary artery disease? Did you know that many of the risk factors are m…
February 9, 2015
Time Alone and Loving It
 Ok so I have no kids this weekend and no plans. How will I spend my time? File all my bills from 2014 and get working on my taxes? Fill out the long college financial aid form? Get those heaps of laundry done? Clean out all the closets and de-clutte…
February 2, 2015
Health is not just a six letter word
 What does the word health mean to you? For many of us, it brings up images of physical health. Disease avoidance, good cholesterol and blood pressure levels, watching our weights, getting good medical care, etc. However, there are many kinds of heal…
January 26, 2015
We've got bugs
 Did you know that you are full of bugs? That’s right – every cell in our bodies is outnumbered ten to one by bacteria, fungi, and other critters. Do you suddenly feel sick? Well don’t. These are normal and they live in us to help u…
January 19, 2015
Go Team!
 Maybe you think we sit around here and twiddle our thumbs because we’re not an emergency service. However, nothing could be farther than the truth. We all have very heavy workloads and during much of most days, you can hear a pin drop as we fo…
January 12, 2015
Tis the season
 Flu season, that is, and I got it. Not fun at all. Unfortunately, I did not prioritize getting the flu shot- it was not intentional, I am just so busy. But after 5 days of misery, I can assure you that it is worth your time. Some people don’t …
December 29, 2014
Fat Professional Athletes
 Do you yell at the TV screen while watching football games? I have just started doing this but I am not yelling at a bad play or a team mess up. I am yelling “FAT!” every time I see one of those linemen who is 100 pounds overweight. Go a…
December 22, 2014
Ugly Sweaters
 Well who knew? I was invited to my first ugly sweater party and since I only own gorgeous clothes (!), ran out to a discount store to find the ugliest sweater I could. I was stunned to find that stores actually have sections with that intention &nda…
December 15, 2014
Holiday fun?
 Is it just too much for you? We already know that balancing everything is tough, but then we throw in all the bustling of the holidays. I hear some people say they can’t stand it, it is too much. Well that is when it is time to slow down and a…
December 8, 2014
Dumb TV
 I am not a TV watcher except for two series a year that are so “Dumb TV” that I will not even name them here. A girl has got to keep her reputation after all. However, in thinking about it recently, I have come to believe that there is a…
December 2, 2014
U.S. in Poorest Health
 We’re rich and have the best medical care in the world, so we are the healthiest of the developed nations, right? Wrong. The National Research Council and the Institute of Medicine did a study, released in 2013, called “U.S. Health in In…
November 24, 2014
Healthy Thanksgiving
 Last year I wrote about all we should be grateful for, even things as simple as doorknobs. Maybe you have to go back and re-read that entry to know what I mean, but the point was that we should be grateful. This year, appreciate your family. As fam…
November 10, 2014
No time!
On a weekend when I was juggling three kids and their needs and schedules, as always, a friend took me to a movie. We hadn’t been in a long time – just too busy. Are you in the same boat? Hardly have time for social gatherings, leisure time, e…
November 3, 2014
Family Traditions
 My mother never liked Halloween for some reason, but she went along with it. One year she and my friend’s mom made us princess costumes with wands, and it was the best year ever. I still remember the excitement of the anticipation of that day,…
October 28, 2014
Pottstown has Momentum!
 No town is perfect, but I think sometimes Pottstown gets a bad rap that is undeserved. Yes there are serious issues that need to be addressed and we have our share of problems, but there is also so much good going on here as well. I thought people m…
October 21, 2014
Exercise the way you like it!
 Tired of jogging? Do you take the same walk every day? Ready to try something different? Just within our small office of seven there are some pretty creative exercisers who like to do unusual or non-mainstream exercise. Some of it is for fun and som…
October 14, 2014
Keep Learning
 Is your brain getting stale? Have you lost your curiosity? When is the last time you read a good book? I know a number of life-long learners and they impress me. I may be no dummy, but some people I know just seem to be reading constantly, and devou…
October 13, 2014
Strengthening Families
 So many of us are in the business of trying to make lives better for others. Who better to help than our children? All parents love their children but often do not have the skills, time, or circumstances to get their children off to an optimal start…
September 30, 2014
Rest up when you're sick
I am one of those lucky people who does not get sick very often. I feel sorry for the people who seem to get sick every time the season changes or they get near a germ. I don’t use hand sanitizers, and I am by no stretch of imagination a germophobe.…
September 22, 2014
How time flies
 Last week my baby turned eighteen. I can hardly believe it. Dropping her off at college a month ago was quite a milestone, but the number eighteen really seems like a big life marker. There is no denying that she is an adult now. For those of you wi…
September 15, 2014
A Community that cares
 Do you walk past people on the street and not look them in the eye? How do you respond if a stranger says hello? In my opinion, we live in a very special community here in the Tri-County Area, and it is a diverse community with many people who are h…
September 8, 2014
Life Lessons at Work
 Are you feeling short on pearls of wisdom these days? Well I know I can always use great advice, and I recently received some. I watched a great Webinar presented by Dr. David Hunnicutt, departing CEO of the Wellness Council of America, a leader in …
August 29, 2014
Appreciation and the elevator pitch
Did it ever dawn on you to appreciate an elevator? I’m a pretty appreciative person and I guess I do appreciate elevators, but I never thought about it too hard. Have you ever heard the term “elevator pitch” or “elevator speech&rdq…
August 25, 2014
Life-Work Balance
 Is there such a thing? According to Stew Friedman at the Wharton School of Business, maybe not. His model is that there are four spheres in our life – work, home, community and self. According to Friedman, balancing them isn’t what it&rs…
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